Lipetsk Oblast

Ovoshi-Chernozemia LLC
36817 tons of vegetables per year 60.34 Ha 776 jobs

Leningrad oblast

Krugly-god LLC
12500 tons of vegetables per year 17.5 Ha 250 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Solnechniy-Dar LLC
34841 tons of vegetables per year 57.22 Ha 892 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Mariinsky LLC
5500 tons of vegetables per year 8.47 Ha 140 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Stavropol Ovoshchi LLC
35000 tons of vegetables per year 43.08 Ha 1050 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Eco-Culture LLC
10700 tons of vegetables per year 20.6 Ha 488 jobs


More than 200 Ha 125000 tons of vegetables per year More than 3000 employees

Press center

How Russians’ habits change: “Moye Delo. Magazin” article with Rustem Mustafin’s comments

A new issue of the specialized magazine “Moye Delo. Magazin” for professionals in the retail market featured an article “The Use of Habit” on the changes in the diet of Russian people in recent years

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ECO-Culture representatives talk to the PTR channel about the principles of growing cucumbers in greenhouses

The PTR (Public Television of Russia) channel aired a report in “Sreda Obitaniya” programme about cucumbers growing in greenhouses on the territory of the Russian Federation. Rustem Mustafin (the Marketing Director), Liliya Tekhova (the Chief

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A new greenhouse complex is to be built in the south of Kazakhstan

The investment agreement on the construction of an industrial greenhouse was signed by the head of the administration of Turkestan region (Kazakhstan) Meirzhan Myrzaliyev and the president of the ECO-Culture enterprise Alexander Rudakov. The regional

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How the weather affects the economy: an expert article in AiF

An article on the impact of weather factors on the economy, on the agricultural sector in particular, was published in “Argumenty i Fakty” newspaper. The authors learned from experts what is the danger of bad

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