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A new greenhouse complex is to be built in the south of Kazakhstan

The investment agreement on the construction of an industrial greenhouse was signed by the head of the administration of Turkestan region (Kazakhstan) Meirzhan Myrzaliyev and the president of the ECO-Culture enterprise Alexander Rudakov. The regional akimat head (the governor) Myrzaliyev also called the future greenhouse complex a driver of the region’s economy.

The modern mega-complex will be built in the Kelessky district. The parties have already visited the site of future construction and examined the landscape conditions. The greenhouses will be equipped with the newest machinery meeting the most recent requirements for vegetable indoor cultivation. Just like in all greenhouse complexes of the holding, production will be based on ecologically clean technologies: no chemical but only biological methods of protection and growth stimulation.

According to the representatives of the Kazakh party, the implementation of the project will contribute not only to the growth of the agro-industrial sector in the region but also will give great impetus to developing exports in the country.

The total area of the complex will be 500 hectares. Inside, the most popular tomato varieties are to be cultivated. The construction of the complex is going to be a unique project with a total investment of 1.3 billion USD. The complex is also expected to provide more than 10,000 new jobs for the entire period of construction. The works are scheduled for start before the end of the year, while the completion of the last stage is planned for 2023.

Another party to the agreement in addition to the regional akimat and agricultural holding was JSC “NK Kazakhinvest”, Green Land Alatau company, and the Eurasian Development Bank. After signing the document, the representatives held negotiations and discussed the details of the project implementation plan.

Let us recall that in May this year, the parties have already signed a Memorandum concerning the mutual understanding in the capital of Kazakhstan within KGIR-2019, the annual roundtable on global investment.

The future project will be the largest greenhouse complex in the country.