A story featuring “ECO-culture” holding aired on Vesti channel

Vita Lahova’s special report entitled “Greenhouse conditions” has been broadcasted within the “Economics” headline on the Vesti.Ru channel, covering the development and prospects of the greenhouse industry in Russia. The authors wondered how exactly vegetables are grown in modern greenhouses, how profitable and lucrative this business is. They visited the complexes owned by “ECO-Culture” company and other vegetable producers, spoke to the managers and leading specialists of the enterprises.

At the beginning of the story, a wide range of greenhouse products in modern agricultural complexes was shown. Tatyana Kovaleva, a leading technologist at one of “ECO-culture” greenhouse complexes, told about an unusual tomato hybrid called Naomi, which in its mature form comes in a chocolate color. Such an unusual vegetable, nevertheless, is in stable demand among consumers – all thanks to its outstanding taste and commercial qualities.

Similar demand is generated by other novelties of the agroholding – cherry and cocktail tomatoes, unique tomato hybrids and varieties, which are much better in taste and organoleptic properties than imported products.

As for the high yield and perfect taste of the fruit, those are provided by innovative computer technologies – machines monitor humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere, creating an optimal microclimate for plants. Only biological methods are used to stimulate crop growth and protect it from pests – using no chemicals is one of the company’s basic principles.

In order to cut energy costs, the complexes have switched to energy-saving bulbs and their own energy generation facilities which allows them to spend several times less resources. This was told to the story presenters by Valery Kotik, the CEO of the Stavropol branch.

Nevertheless, energy costs account for about half of the greenhouse production expenditure. Not every farm can afford such an expense, therefore it is expected that small companies will face serious problems with profitability in the near future. The stable income will be only maintained by the big players, such as “ECO-culture” holding, which is now running more than ten large projects not only in Russia but also abroad.

According to the authors, the reasons for the successful performance of the greenhouse industry in Russia are made up of several factors – the trend for healthy life-style, government support, plus the food embargo, which forced domestic producers to look for new ways of development. All this led to the fact that over the last 5 years more than 200 billion rubles were invested in the construction of new agricultural complexes.

Today Russia needs to develop about 1000 more hectares of greenhouse area in order to fully support the domestic market and get away from import substitution strategy. “ECO-culture” company is steadily moving towards the implementation of this program – the construction of new premises continues, and new varieties, technologies, and products are introduced.

The full video episode is available on Vesti 24 channel.