Agroinvestor magazine summing up the results of the year for the agricultural sector

Agroinvestor magazine published an analytical article summarizing the results of investment projects in 2019. article According to the publication, the cost of 25 largest of them amounted to 415 billion rubles. If we compare the size of investments with previous years, we can see obvious progress: more and more funds are attracted to agriculture, which cannot but please the domestic consumer.

The large-scale report, supported by figures and facts, covers the whole agricultural sector and investments made by the most serious players in the market. Much attention is paid to ECO-Culture holding, its ongoing and future projects, prospects, and plans.

The section of the article devoted to greenhouse facilities is what readers might find particularly interesting. According to the magazine, during 2019 the investments into this sector have sharply decreased in comparison with 2017-18 years. This was mainly caused by the cancellation of state compensation for construction expenditures. Right now, there are only major players on the market, including ECO-Culture company.

The largest investment target in the sphere of greenhouse production was the new complex to be built not in Russia but in Kazakhstan. ECO-Culture is going to invest about 1.1 billion rubles in this enterprise. The company intends to fully implement the project in 5 years. Zhanna Yeronina, the Head of Marketing Department, notes that thanks to the support of local Kazakhstani authorities, the investment climate in the country is very favorable, however, in the following stages of construction there still may be fundraising difficulties.

As for domestic projects, the construction of Podmoskoviye, Tulsky, and Kavkaz greenhouse complexes is scheduled for the coming years.

The full text of the article is available on the Agroinvestor magazine website.