Alexander Rudakov says, “The pandemic has not changed our plans”

An interview with Alexander Rudakov, the President of ECO-Culture Company, was published on the website of the “Ekspert Yug” business magazine. The head of the largest agricultural holding in the country told about the launch of new greenhouses and the work of the company during the pandemic.

The first question concerned the impact of the self-isolation regime on the greenhouse complexes’ operation. Alexander Rudakov confirmed that there were no significant changes in the work of the company since ECO-Culture is one of the enterprises providing the population with food supplies and in accordance with the decree of the Russian President it keeps operating in a normal mode. Only the management department was “moved to the remote office” – the facility is visited by only a few senior managers.

When asked about the risks and difficulties to be faced in the conditions of the economic crisis, the President of the agricultural holding replied that the main difficulty was the slowdown of communications. Banks and some of the contractors have switched to a remote operation mode, which is why takes them more time to make decisions. As for the distribution of products, diversification of sales channels has been a consistent practice of the company. Thus, if any of the distributors reduce purchase prices or the volume of purchases, we turn to other partners.

The good news is that there is no decline in demand for our products – during the pandemic, the need for fresh and healthy greenhouse vegetables is only growing. People are strengthening immunity with natural products to be less worried about their health.

When asked about the anti-crisis strategy, Alexander Rudakov said that the holding managed to uphold the revenue plans adopted before the crisis and is not going to change them. The efficiency of any company depends on its staff, that is why taking care of people in the company’s primary concern. The sanitary level in greenhouse complexes was high enough even before the pandemic, and now the precaution measures are turned up to the maximum with sanitizers installed in every greenhouse and employees’ body temperature being measured before each shift. The areas of our complexes enable workers to easily keep the recommended distance of 1.5 m. Besides, the cafeterias and locker rooms are equipped with bactericidal lamps.

Another question arose on how the crisis affected the implementation of the largest investment projects in Stavropol Krai. The President of the holding assured that the work is progressing steadily: “All the construction stages we planned to launch this year will be finished on schedule”.

For the full transcript of the interview please visit the “Ekspert Yug” magazine website.