Andrei Danilenko’s Youtube show visits the Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex

The popular YouTube channel “Svoye with Andrey Danilenko” has visited the Solnechny Dar greenhouse complex to find out where are the most delicious tomatoes grown in Stavropol Krai.

In the new episode, the host was selecting the best tomatoes for the salad with the guaranteed high quality and excellent taste. For this, he came to Stavropol and together with the film crew visited Solnechny Dar, the largest greenhouse complex in the south of Russia, which is a part of the EKO-Culture agricultural company. The complex occupies an area of more than 57 hectares and produces about 35 thousand tons of vegetables every year.

Andrey Danilenko discovered the reason why tomatoes from the ECO-Culture’s greenhouses turned out to be more tasty and healthy not only than the imported tomatoes, but also the ones grown in the same region in open ground. Baranenkov Vladimir Fedorovich, the managing director of the greenhouse complex, answered the host’s questions.

The secret of success is a composition of many factors. The first one is a good location. Climatic conditions of Stavropol Krai, namely, the abundance of sun exposure in any season, favors greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes since the vegetables are very demanding to natural light. Greenhouses provide just the right amount of light and warmth for the plants.

The second one is modern Dutch technologies successfully adapted to the climate of Stavropol. The agronomical department of the enterprise ensures that all the processes occurring in the greenhouse create a perfect environment for tomatoes. In particular, it includes drip irrigation, temperature control, plant nutrition and pollination. The microclimate inside the greenhouses is maintained by the centralized computer control system. It is also noteworthy that the greenhouse facilities of ECO-Culture do not use chemical protectors and stimulators for fruits and vegetables but only natural techniques. In fact, even the pollination is entrusted to bumblebees, which increases the yield by 30-35 per cent, while pests are being countered by insect predators, i.e. Macrolophus bugs.

The third factor is a high-quality breeding material, which allows producing fruits with a high content of vitamins and minerals. At the same time, the taste characteristics of the tomatoes remain at a high level, as well as the sugar content.

And the main thing is well-coordinated and neat personnel work. The greenhouse staff controls all stages of plant growth and development, timely makes the necessary adjustments to the cultivation mode, and keeps the cultivation conditions permanently perfect.

Background information. “Svoye with Andrei Danilenko” is a series of programmes devoted to the agriculture of Russia. The host himself is an expert in the sector. Together with the film crew, he visits the country’s agro-industrial enterprises, telling the viewers what are the products they eat made of and how exactly they get to the shelves.

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