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APH ECO-Culture develops ambitious projects in Kazakhstan

ECO-Culture is willing to implement a number of ambitious agricultural projects in Kazakhstan. Together with a Kazakh partner, the total amount of investment in the design and construction of modern greenhouse complexes is estimated at $1 billion.

On May 17, a cooperative arrangement was reached during a round table between the Kazakh party (Green Land Alatau) and the President of the holding Alexander Rudakov in the Astana Economic Forum 2019.

The company’s executive said that the new facilities will be located in the south of the country. The area of 80 hectares in the Almaty Region is already prepared for construction. Another location will be Turkistan Region – here 500 hectares are scheduled to be developed. These initiatives are expected to significantly improve the social and economic situation in the region and create about 10,000 jobs.

The production capacity of the new complexes will be at least 200 thousand tons of vegetables and greens a year. The products will be imported to Russia. This solution is going to be a part of the import-substitution policy, allowing to replace poor-quality imported products with cleaner and tastier vegetables.

The southern part of Kazakhstan provides perfect conditions for growing tomatoes and other popular crops. Plenty of sunlight allows producing a wide range of vegetables without using the artificial lighting system. In addition, there will be no staffing problem since labor resources are quite available in this area.

The parties have already discussed all the details of the upcoming cooperation, and the specialists are ready to start designing and building the complexes. A land area of 80 hectares will be developed first. The construction works are scheduled to be started in the next 6 months, with the greenhouses to be put into operation a year after. The whole project is expected to be completed in 5 years.