APH Eco-Culture entered Top-5 greenhouse projects in Southern Russia

APH Eco-Culture continues to step up the pace of its own development. The company entered top-5 largest greenhouse projects according to the Expert-South agency. The analysts took into account levels of investment, scale and productivity of the greenhouse complexes.

After the completion of phases three and four of the construction of the Solnechnyi Dar complex in Stavropol Krai, its productivity will grow to 35,000 tons of tomatoes a year, which will make 50% of the total amount of vegetables grown currently in greenhouses in the region.

APH Eco-Culture uses the most up-to-date greenhouse techniques in the agricultural sector, adopting the centralized computer control of the greenhouse climate to create perfect conditions for cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers. Only natural techniques are used to increase crop yields and protect plants from pests and diseases.

The holding is focusing on the regional market, supplying fresh domestic vegetables to the local consumers all year round. Also, they also cooperates with other regions of the Russia and is now planning to constantly supply vegetables to the federal retails chains like Pyaterochka, Magnit, Lenta, Okay, and many others.

For details see Expert-South