APH Eco-Culture – fresh vegetables for the whole Russia

APH Eco-Culture is one of the few companies in Russia that grow organic vegetables in greenhouses. During the winter season the complex facilities are prepared to provide fresh vegetables to their own region and the rest of the country, but they are forced to compete with foreign producers.

Meanwhile, by its useful and flavoring qualities, the imported products is losing its ground to Russian vegetables.

The tomatoes grown in Eco-Culture greenhouses are harvested at the higher stage of maturity, and they pass more strict quality control. The greenhouse complexes are managed by the specialized computer system, which completely controls the microclimate inside, creating perfect conditions for the growth and fruiting of plants. In addition, the employees of the complex are involved in continuous manual processing – nipping tops, pinching, removing the excess green mass. This way, the fruits get maximum natural sunlight, which is crucial for their taste.

The seedlings are grown on the organic substrate made of coconut chips, without using any chemical growth stimulants. All further stages of cultivation go without the use of chemistry, too. The plants receive only natural nutrition ingredients – light, heat and water drawn from wells.

In order to protect the plants from diseases and pests, only biological methods are used. Those are strict observance of quarantine standards, insect traps, mosquito nets. In addition to that, a special insectarium was created to grow the natural enemy of tomato pests -the predatory stink bug. And natural friends of tomatoes – bumblebees – take care of pollination. Three hives per hectare is enough to meet the needs of every plant.

Eco-Culture management has every reason to believe that in the nearest future Russian vegetables will replace imports on the domestic market, for “our” vegetables really are tastier and healthier than foreign ones.

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