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APH ECO-Culture signs contract for exclusive seeds

A. Rudakov, the President of ECO-Culture and Ibrahim El Menshavi, the Head of Vegetable Crop Department in European, Middle Eastern and African regions at Bayer Crop Science, concluded an agreement for the supply of the newest Delisher tomato variety selectively bred by the European brand De Ruiter.

Delisher is a brand-new variety of cherry plum tomatoes with the highest sugar content of 9-11 on the Brix scale. The indicator shows the taste quality of vegetables and is considered to be the crucial one for tomatoes. The new variety is the latest development by De Ruiter’s breeders. It has been already well received by Dutch consumers, and now it has the Russian market to conquer.

Production of the tomato crops new on the domestic market is a great opportunity for the company to enter a new level of development while providing the Russian customers with a unique and diversified product range.

The signing of the contract was a logical outcome of ECO-Culture’s partnership with European agricultural enterprises. In the middle of June 2019, the company’s representatives headed by A. Rudakov paid a working visit to the De Ruiter exhibition center (Bleiswijk, Netherlands). The main purpose was to strengthen business relations with international partners and to make preparations for the conclusion of an exclusive, mutually beneficial agreement for the supply of seeds to the holding’s greenhouse complexes. The paper on cooperation implies significant production volumes and strict compliance with European agricultural standards.

De Ruiter is the largest seed supplier known all over the world. The company only cooperates with proven and reliable producers having an excellent reputation on the international market. Now, ECO-Culture holding is vested with the exclusive right to grow the new tomato variety in modern greenhouses on the territory of Russia.

Apparently, this wasn’t the company’s first contract with foreign partners. This spring, the agreements with Israeli breeders of Hazer, Dutch brands Enza Zaden and Rijk Zwaan were concluded for the supply of seeds as well. Therefore, the company will enter the upcoming winter season 2019-20 with five new tomato crops, not yet known on the domestic market.

Alexander Rudakov stated the following:

“By signing these exclusive contracts for the supply of seeds, we are making a huge step both for the future of our holding and for our cooperation with the international plant breeding leaders. Our company’s mission is to provide our customers with tasty, healthy, and eco-friendly tomatoes. Now we have the opportunity to offer them a unique line of premium tomatoes with the highest sugar content on the Brix scale. I believe that this will help us to build a competitive advantage by creating a wide product range for Russian retailers and end users. Such an achievement wouldn’t be possible without years of successful and productive efforts made on the part of ECO-Culture employees”.

Background information. De Ruiter is a world-famous supplier of tomato, pepper, cucumber, and other seeds. Thanks to the company’s know-how and technologies, greenhouse vegetable producers can grow tasty, safe, and healthy products of the highest quality.