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APH ECO-culture: working during the pandemics

Healthy and diversified nutrition is the key to strong, disease-resistant immunity, so despite the current difficult epidemiological situation in the country, our facilities will continue to operate on a regular basis. The employees of “ECO-culture” will, as before, daily provide consumers with delicious vegetables enriched with life-giving vitamins and minerals.

We are sincerely proud of each member of the team, and our main task for today is to take all possible measures to ensure production safety and preserve employees’ health. In order to minimize the risks of new virus contamination, we took an additional set of protective measures: we installed anti-bacterial bulbs in the places with the highest crowding of people and arranged an entrance temperature control for staff members. At the same time, the standard safety measures that were previously adopted at the production site have gained additional value in terms of employees’ health protection – disinfection agents and sanitizing mats are used by the workers not only at the entrance to the greenhouses but also when entering each department. All these actions are part of the necessary measures to prevent the dissemination of COVID-19.

Moreover, now it is important to listen carefully to doctors’ recommendations and limit contacts with the outside world as much as possible. For this reason, our offices are now accessed by production specialists only – the rest of the employees are now working remotely.

We hope that the measures we have taken will contribute to localizing the pandemic and keeping as many people healthy as possible.

The President of “ECO-culture” agricultural holding A.S. Rudakov