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Ardiles tomatoes win gold at WorldFood Moscow 2021 exhibition

Exclusive for the Russian market, Ardiles tomatoes grown at Ovoschi Stavropolya greenhouse complex were awarded a gold medal at the largest international autumn food exhibition WorldFood Moscow 2021. The award became yet another confirmation of the excellent quality of ECO-Culture’s products while proving the importance of ecologically pure vegetables to Russian consumers.

The exhibition took place from September 21 to 24, 2021 in Moscow, at the “Crocus Expo” International Exhibition Center. This time it was a jubilee event gathering the leaders of the food industry of Russia and other countries for the 30th time. Along with foreign guests, companies from more than 40 regions of the country had a chance to showcase a wide range of their products. The attendees included food and beverage manufacturers, representatives of wholesale trade, retailers, as well as HoReCa companies. All in all, the exhibition brought together more than 1,500 businesses.

Traditionally, the “Product of the Year” tasting contest received a lot of attention from the participants and visitors. Each year it is held to promote high quality, environmentally friendly, and healthy food products on the Russian domestic market. The main award goes to products of true competitiveness that have proven to be superior in quality and are produced with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Products are to be evaluated by the expert committee represented by knowledgeable members of the food and processing industries, as well as branch unions and institutes. They carefully examine the participants’ organoleptic, physical and chemical, gustatory properties along with the packaging and labeling.

When it came to the “Fruits and Vegetables” category, the plum-shaped cocktail tomato of the Ardiles botanical variety confidently outperformed other contestants in all respects. Produced by Ovoschi Stavropolya greenhouse complex, the product ranked the best in its category and received a well-deserved WorldFood Moscow 2021 gold medal. Quite predictable yet no less pleasant, this was a result of the long work of the greenhouse complex’s agronomists, plant breeders, marketing specialists, and vegetable growers. Already highly popular among consumers, the product has finally received well-earned recognition from the expert community.

ECO-Culture’s Head of Marketing Zhanna Yeronina says that the company’s tomatoes being highly rated at the international exhibition not only brings a reasonable joy and pride in the product but also awakens a sense of responsibility. After all, the agricultural holding sees its mission as providing the Russian consumers with affordable, tasty, and healthy vegetables, thereby making the domestic market self-sufficient and import-independent. And each new award ECO-Culture’s products receive proves that the company is moving in the right direction.

The Ardiles tomato variety from the popular Exclusive collection of the holding can be found on store shelves under the Jardiles trade name. The fine plum-shaped tomatoes offer customers a refreshingly spicy, rich, and exceptionally elegant flavor. Jardiles tomatoes come to the retailers on a branch, which ensures their wonderful aroma and intense flavor last longer.

Right now, ECO-Culture’s vegetables are available in almost all federal retail chains in most of the regions of Russia. And Ardiles tomato is just one of the dozens of tasty and healthy varieties featured in the company’s product range.