Back on Channel One. ECO-Culture holding appears in the piece from Dobroye Utro morning show

The Dobroye Utro (“Good Morning”) program on Channel One featured a story about the implementation of lean production technologies in indoor vegetable cultivation. Using the example of Ovoschi Chernozemya greenhouse complex (operating as part of ECO-Culture holding), the reporters explained the nuances of the Labor Productivity national project. After all, the largest plant in Lipetsk Oblast with an area of 86 hectares offers arguably the most representative experience for the whole industry.

Representatives of the agricultural holding spoke about the interaction with experts from the Federal Center of Competences within the framework of the national project. The main focus was on analyzing production processes and introducing a set of improvements. These efforts resulted in truly breakthrough achievements, with the capacity of the packing line doubling from 20,000 to 40,000 cartons of tomatoes per day. Notably, the positive results came not from the intensification of labor but from a fundamental change in the approach to routine operations. Thus, superfluous links were eliminated, while existing processes were modernized after a series of thorough analytical procedures.

For example, a three-level conveyor was installed at the packing area in the Ovoschi Chernozemya distribution center. Subsequently, the workspace there was rearranged to ensure that all stages of the production process took place in a unified perimeter. It enabled a significant reduction in transportation time while increasing the speed of operations. Some changes have also been made in the greenhouses. Thus, improvements in the tomato harvesting area almost doubled the line capacity from 125 to 250 kg per hour.

Yekaterina Vasilyeva, a vegetable grower, and Lyudmila Yenina, a supervisor, demonstrated the alterations made right on the spot. The Vice-President of the holding for Production and Development, Dmitriy Muger, told about the general efforts to increase labor productivity to the Channel One’s reporters.

Today, the greenhouse industry ranks among the most advanced in the Russian economy. The indoor vegetable production complexes and distribution centers operate in accordance with the most modern standards and technologies. However, any process always has something that can be further optimized. These improvements represent nothing but a tool that contributes not only to increasing labor productivity but also to the continuous advancement of the whole industry.

Those who want to see the video story can find it on Channel One’s official website.