APH ECO-Culture is one of the Russia’s leading farm enterprises. It boasts of a regional presence through branches and outlets in dozens of Russian regions, while its annual production exceeds hundreds of tons of high-quality vegetables.

Eco-friendly production of safe, tasty and healthy vegetables is our holding’s key priority. We use greenhouse complexes spanning over 304,3 hectares for cultivating tomatoes, cucumbers, loose leaf lettuce, as well as other agricultural crops being in demand across the country all-year-round. We plan scaling production capacity up to 667,49 hectares and increasing annual vegetable output several times by 2023.

We use neither chemical methods of yield enhancement nor chemical inputs for crop growth acceleration. All the farming methods we use in greenhouse complexes and fruit farms are based on biological factors. We care not only about our vegetables’ retail display, but also about our consumers’ safety.

Our company strives toward producing agricultural commodities that outperform imported vegetables in terms of both taste and beneficial properties. For achieving this goal, we implemented advanced agro-technical technologies and the best-performing logistic schemes into production.

The development of imports phase-out covering popular types of agricultural products facilitates not only employment generation and essential infrastructure development, but also resolves a number of issues of national importance. The seamless operation of greenhouse complexes contributes to a country-level food security, while consumers get fresh and tasty vegetables in any time of year.

By obtaining employment in ECO-Culture holding’s divisions, a person gets a legal labor contract, a stable salary, an opportunity for career progress within the company, and hundreds of jobs in various Russian regions to choose from. Since our company is constantly expanding and has a long-term development program, we always need responsible employees.

We offer job vacancies in Production Department, Marketing Department, Sales Department, Advertising Department, Management Department, Financial Accounting Department, Transport Department, and many other areas. Experience in agricultural sector is a plus. Please use the link below to get the full list of our job vacancies.

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