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Head office of APH ECO-Culture

+7 (495)
The directions from Fili subway station: The first car from the city center, following the sign "Exit to Novozavodskaya Street". Getting off the subway, turn left and go straight up Novozavodskaya Street to its intersection with Bolshaya Filevskaya Street. Having reached Bolshaya Filevskaya Street, cross it using an above-ground walkway, then turn right through the same walkway. Go straight until you get to Zarechnaya Street, turn left and go straight to the house number 3, then turn right and walk along the house. To your left, you will see the Fili Grad Business Center. The entrance to the center is situated to the left of the Perekrestok supermarket entrance group.

For building materials business proposals

+7 (87938)

Press Office

Official representative
PR-agency "Kommunikator"
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Internal Security Department Hotline

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to send these to:

Sales Department (Central Federal District, Russia)

Location address: Business center “Fili Grad”, Beregovoj proezd 5A, building 1, Moscow, Russia;
Phone: + 7 (499) 685-16-06

Mailing address: Business center “Fili Grad”, Beregovoj proezd 5A, building 1, Moscow, 121087, Russia;

Sales Department (North Caucasian Federal District)

Mailing address: Mailing address: 1B Sadovaya street, Maryinskaya stanitsa, Kirovsky District, Stavropol Krai, 357315, Russia
Customer Service Manager: Alexander Ivahnenko;
Phone: +7 (968) 263-82-84  

Sales Department (Northwestern Federal District)

Mailing address: 17 Yakornaya street, Krasnogvardeysky District, St. Petersburg, 195027, Russia;
Phone: +7 (812) 986-22-57
Sales Manager: Igor Grigoriev;
Phone: +7 (911) 723-12-01;