Deputy State Duma Chairman Alexey Gordeyev and Voronezh Oblast Governor Alexander Gusev visit the Voronezhsky greenhouse complex

Vesti Voronezh news program aired a report on the work of Voronezhsky complex, a part of ECO-Culture holding. Alexey Gordeyev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma, and Alexander Gusev, Governor of the region, paid a working visit to the facility. Alexander Rudakov, the President of the holding, gave the distinguished guests a tour and answered their questions about the enterprise’s operation. He assured them that the company is growing steadily and keeps expanding its greenhouse areas, increasing the production capacity, and creating new jobs at the same time.

The scale of the greenhouse complex located in Bobrovsky District of Voronezh Oblast is simply astounding. It covers dozens of hectares of modern greenhouses which incorporate innovative technologies and state-of-the-art equipment. The complex produces various types of tomatoes. The product range includes common varieties suitable for a wide range of consumers, as well as exclusive cherry hybrids for connoisseurs of unusual flavor combinations. Each bush, which can be up to 18 meters high, yields at least 80 kg of harvest. Today, the complex is getting ready to launch its own energy center to reduce energy costs, which account for a significant portion of expenses in indoor vegetable production.

Answering the question of Alexey Gordeyev, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, on import substitution, Alexander Rudakov, the President of the holding, confirms that this problem is being successfully solved. Thus, 80 percent of the components used in the construction of the new facilities are produced in Russia, namely at the Lipetsk greenhouse engineering plant. Some elements, however, are still imported, mostly the ones whose production in the country is inefficient.

Alexey Gordeyev commended the work of Voronezhsky facility with a special emphasis on the efficiency of operation, quality and taste of products, as well as the company’s significant contribution to the employment of the population. He also pointed out that the stable work of indoor vegetable production and its active development would not be possible without systematic state support measures.

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