Does Russia need a national brand: the opinion of food producers

In the new article published by Vedomosti newspaper, the major players of the domestic food market exchanged their views on the prospects for Russian exports. The heads of well-known enterprises answered whether the country needs a national brand.

One of the invited experts was Alexander Rudakov, the President of the ECO-Culture company. The leader of the country’s largest agricultural producer of greenhouse vegetables explained that currently the production cost of tomatoes grown, for example, in greenhouse complexes of Stavropol Krai, is lower than the one in Turkey – a traditional supplier of tomatoes to European countries.

This means that the holding can successfully compete with Turkish producers all over the world. Although Turkey has a more advantageous geographical location in terms of logistics, this problem can also be solved in the future. For example, there are plans to start construction of a large-scale greenhouse complex in Mineralnye Vody, from where tomatoes will be exported to the Arab Emirates and other Gulf countries.

The company’s marketing department is already studying these areas and claims that the project can be successfully implemented. They have carefully analyzed the local market and found out that the region has great prospects for establishing a permanent export supply. So far, producers from the Netherlands are the leaders in the Arab market, but in the near future, they will be squeezed out by the products of the Russian holding. According to Rudakov, ECO-Culture has a great chance to beat its competitors: “They are already afraid of us because we are more passionate, more efficient, more willing to earn, and we have the most ambitious plans and commitments”.

As for local markets, Russian consumers traditionally prefer domestic products. Alexander Rudakov believes that the best way to cover this niche is to build small greenhouse complexes in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the Gulf countries. This will make the holding an international player, and local consumers will no longer see the company’s products as imports.

Among other invited experts of the newspaper were the heads of Ekoniva, PepsiCo, and Mars Food companies.

The full text of the article is available on Vedomosti website.