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ECO-Culture celebrates its 11th anniversary

The history of the holding began on December 9, 2010. Since the very beginning of its activity, ECO-culture has adhered to the principles of sustainable greenhouse production of environmentally friendly vegetables. The company uses only biological methods of plant protection to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, which guarantees consumers will receive safe, high-quality, and exceptionally delicious products.

On the 11th anniversary of ECO-Culture, the President Alexander Rudakov happily congratulated employees, contractors, partners, and customers:

Dear colleagues and friends!

Today, December 9, is a great day for all of us, as we are celebrating our Holding’s birthday!

It has been exactly 11 years since we launched the construction of our first greenhouse complex in Stavropol Krai. Over this time, we have grown from a regional company into a global holding with a presence in many regions of the country. We have worked our way up to becoming a national leader in the production of greenhouse vegetables of outstanding quality, something we are rightfully proud of.

Right now, the company employs a close-knit professional team, which led us to the top in our industry. I want to congratulate and thank all the thousands of employees of the holding, along with our contractors and business partners. It is our joint efforts that provide Russian people with ecologically clean products, thereby addressing the import substitution problem and strengthening the country’s food security. Finally, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the customers for choosing ECO-Culture’s tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Instead of resting on our laurels, we keep setting bold and ambitious goals for ourselves and are determined to move forward until we achieve them. After all, we have new production facilities to build, infrastructure to develop, geographical presence to expand, and new markets to conquer. There is a lot of work and new professional achievements lying ahead, all of which we can handle together!

Let me wish success to all of us! Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Congratulations on ECO-Culture’s birthday, my friends!