ECO-Culture employees again become experts on the PTR channel

A new episode of the Sreda Obitaniya show was aired on Public Television of Russia. This time, the program was focused on the benefits and rules of growing, using, and storing lettuce. Among the invited experts was Rustem Mustafin, the Director for Marketing at APH ECO-Culture.

The host of the show Kristina Bovina informed that the medicinal properties of green leafy vegetables such as Lettuce, Romano, Frillis, and Lollo Rosso were known even at the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Since then, lettuce has been a regular ingredient in European cuisine. Now, there are hundreds of species and more than a thousand varieties of lettuce in the world. One of the most popular crops is Frillis, which is grown both in a home garden and in industrial conditions: in particular, in the greenhouses ECO-Culture has built in the south of Russia.

Rustem Mustafin explained the advantages of the Frillis lettuce. According to the expert, this one is more crispy than other varieties. It is also juicier and has its own unique taste, which can be perfectly complemented by cucumbers and tomatoes.

In the greenhouses of “ECO-Culture”, the seeds of the most popular lettuce varieties are planted in a special substrate made of mineral wool cubes and then are placed in a special gutter. The process is fully automated, with no special treatment required for the material – the nutrient solution is completely organic. The microclimate is computer-controlled, which eliminates the possibility of errors. To make the leaves juicy and tasty, additional lighting is installed in the greenhouses. Also, the complex is equipped with special pheromone and lighting protection techniques against pests. No chemical agents are used in the greenhouses.

After that, Rustem Mustafin told how they harvest and pack the product. In the packaging zone, the lettuce leaves are carefully squeezed to avoid damaging their structure and then wrapped in a plastic film by high-tech packing equipment. At this stage, the process involves the use of a micro-atmosphere technology – the special composition of the air inside the package protects the product from damaging and infestation by fungi and bacteria. As a result, the customers can enjoy all the benefits of high-quality lettuce with its elastic, juicy and tasty-looking leaves.

The program continues with instructions on how to choose lettuce in grocery stores and markets and how to store the products to get the most out of them.

Watch the full episode on the PTR channel.