ECO-Culture holding completes the construction of a new greenhouse complex near Voronezh

Vesti Voronezh channel aired a story about the construction of a new greenhouse complex near Bobrov. The authors of the report, besides talking about the size of the facility and the planned volume of vegetables to be grown, talked to the enterprise’s CEO. Voronezhskiy is now expected to become the largest greenhouse complex in the region.

The first line of the complex will be put into operation in June, with nearly 20 hectares being planted with tomato seedlings. By the end of the year, the greenhouses will reach their full capacity of 60 hectares. This area, for comparison, is approximately equal to 80 soccer fields.

The project has been developed with consideration of the latest trends in the agricultural industry. The centralized computer control system will be creating a perfect indoor microclimate, with safe cultivation methods ensuring the vegetables have a rich flavor and are environmentally friendly.

While most of the production processes – such as irrigation, supplementary lighting, fertilization, and temperature control – are automated, there will be plenty of jobs available for local people. Once the greenhouses are operating at full capacity, about 1000 openings for service personnel will be created here. Although no special skills are needed to work as a horticulturist, there are still a number of requirements for future employees.

According to Sergey Makarov, the CEO of Voronezhskiy complex, interviewed by Vesti channel correspondents, tomato requires special attention. With the inside-greenhouse growth rate reaching 30 cm per day, it is important to take proper, high-quality, and full care of the plants. The horticulturalists’ performance will define the future harvest, therefore only responsible and attentive people will be hired for this position. All the specialists will undergo free training at a nearby greenhouse complex. And it is only after that that the employees can proceed to carry out their direct duties.

The total investment in the project amounted to about 15 billion rubles, making it another giant greenhouse complex built by ECO-Culture in the Central Federal District. Owing to innovative technologies and the policy of using only biological methods of plant cultivation, the company’s products remain in stable demand among Russian consumers. In all respects, these are superior to their foreign analogs, too.

The area of the enterprise will allow supplying tomatoes not only to Voronezh Oblast but to other regions as well (in particular, Moscow Oblast and Sverdlovsk Oblast). The total production volume is preliminarily estimated at 36 thousand tons of vegetables per year.

To watch the full video, please visit the Vesti Voronezh channel’s website.