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Eco-Culture holding entered the Union of Organic Agriculture

The Board of the Union of Organic Agriculture approved the APH Eco-Culture’s application for membership in the organization.

The company’s representatives were awarded with a certificate on February, 25 at the practical conference in Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Rustem Mustafin, the marketing director of APH Eco-Culture, made the following comments about the event:

“Being the member of the Union will give us the opportunity to get access to the most relevant research on organic agricultural production.

This association of producers in the area of agriculture will allow all of us to develop and promote organic farming in Russia together, both in business environment and end-users.

Our joint efforts will provide us with a chance to participate in development of common standards on organic products in Russia. And after that, supported by the state, we will finally be able to export our products marked as “organic food grown in Russia”.

Acting as a single body, the Union of Organic Agriculture will represent the individual producers’ interests at the state level, and dialogue with the authorities in order to support this activity”.

The primary mission of the Union of Organic Agriculture is coordinating the activity of organizations and companies of the agricultural sector. During regular forums and meetings the members of the Union can share their experiences and developments in the professional environment, learn about innovations in the sector, explore new high-tech tools and methods of soil cultivation and recovery. The main objective of the organization is to create a unified system of efficient and safe land use in the Russian Federation.

APH Eco-Culture is one of the market leaders in production of environment-friendly vegetables in greenhouses. The main crops produced are tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce.

The holding’s facilities include more than 200 hectares of high-tech greenhouse complexes. It is also planned to increase the capacity up to 1000 hectares by building new greenhouses in different regions of the country and overseas. By 2023, the construction of complexes not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and China is expected.

Background information. The Union of Organic Agriculture is a self-governing public non-profit association. The organization provides a platform for sharing practices and knowledge in the agricultural industry. The Union’s main goal is developing and improving of organic agriculture in Russia, along with increasing the economic viability of small and medium-sized domestic agricultural enterprises.