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ECO-Culture holding launches a series of cooking shows on PRO BUSINESS channel

ECO-Culture holding announced a series of shows called “Eco-Cultural Stories” to be aired on PRO BUSINESS, a specialized TV channel that broadcasts all over Russia.

During the short 12-minute programs, Alexander Rudakov, the President of ECO-Culture company, and his co-host Marika, a blogger and cookbook author, share recipes for tasty and easy-to-cook dishes and tell a lot of interesting things about the products they use in cooking. Above all, they talk about tomatoes, the main vegetable grown in the agricultural holding.

ECO-Culture company ranks among the leading domestic enterprises of the greenhouse industry. The holding produces environmentally friendly vegetables without the use of growth stimulants and chemical plant protection agents. The production processes only involve biological methods and advanced indoor cultivation technologies. ECO-Culture’s products are distributed all over Russia and are notable for their rich sweet taste and excellent organoleptic properties. The tomatoes of different varieties have repeatedly won prizes at the most prestigious specialized exhibitions and received awards and quality certificates.

“Eco-Cultural Stories” is structured similarly to a cooking show, while its format is actually quite comprehensive. Here you will learn all the things you wanted to know about tomatoes but were too shy to ask! Let the President of the agricultural holding tell you about the diversity of varieties and hybrids, reveal the production secrets of growing the most delicious, aesthetic, and organic vegetables. He will also explain how to choose tomatoes at a market or in a store for them not only to be a dish decoration and diversify its taste but also to provide benefits to you and your beloved ones’ health.

Being a professional who has devoted many years to the field of tomato cultivation, the Head of ECO-Culture will break down the most persistent myths about these vegetables. One of the most malicious opinion, in particular, is the one that products grown in the open ground are always more healthy and tastier than the one cultivated in a greenhouse. Watch as the stereotype about greenhouse tomatoes having inexpressive taste and not containing any nutrients gets completely destroyed!

Alexander Rudakov says, the concepts of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are fully reflected in the company’s corporate principles. For more than 10 years now, the holding has been growing environmentally friendly products to offer a perfect option for everyone who cares about their health and at the same time wants to eat tasty and diverse. Today, the vegetables grown in ECO-Culture’s greenhouse complexes can be found in almost every supermarket in the country. The new series of shows will be partly dedicated to the exceptional properties of these fruits, as well as dishes one can cook with them.

“Eco-Cultural Stories” is broadcast on PRO BUSINESS channel every week on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. with a re-show on Saturdays at 4.30 p.m. To access the previously released programs, please visit the archive on the channel’s official website.