Holding news

ECO-Culture holding now ranks among Russia’s top enterprises

The “League of the Best Enterprises of Russia” community nominated ECO-Culture for the title “Enterprise of the Year – 2020”. The agricultural holding entered the list of the country’s best businesses and received a dedicated award.

The annual award shows that this year the company has taken a leading position in the national rating among companies of all forms of ownership in the category “Fruits and Vegetables Wholesaling”.

The holding also ranked second among the enterprises of the Moscow Oblast, joined the top enterprises of the Central Federal District, and took a high place in the national rating.

Every year, the community compiles a ranking of Russian companies according to official reports and publishes the results of the ranking of the best companies in the public domain.

The title of “Enterprise of the Year” is confirmed by:

• a corresponding award;

• the “Enterprise of the Year – 2020” certificate;

• the honorary title of “The Manager of the Year” for the CEO of the company;

• the “Pride of the Profession – 2020” certificate for the company’s best employees.

The honorary title of the best enterprise means that the company has proven its indisputable advantages over competitors, impeccable business reputation, and achievements in the area of its activities. Apart from that, the status is awarded to enterprises that have created a solid platform for further economic development and involvement in the work of future generations.

Background information. The “League of the Best” international rating is a brand that brings together experts in various areas of the economy. The organization carries out a comprehensive assessment of the activities of various companies in different countries. Rating experts work independently, following specially developed analytical methods. In order to achieve the highest accuracy in assessing the activities of a particular company, the maximum number of criteria is used. The ranking process involves more than 3.5 million organizations around the world.