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ECO-Culture holding ranks among the top 50 Russian Food Producers 2021

Independent catering experts have recognized ECO-Culture company as one of the best Russian food producers in 2021. The holding was acknowledged within the 50 Best Tastes of Russia initiative. This achievement represents nothing but a logical result of the systematic efforts of the company known as the national greenhouse industry flagship.

50 Best Tastes of Russia is the first comprehensive guide to the best Russian food producers, culinary tourism sites, wineries, and sector-specific events. Rankings are based on the individual opinions of 500 Russian experts – chefs, restaurant owners and critics, gourmands, technologists, and a wide range of specialists in the food production and distribution industry. The project is intended to popularize the best Russian goods, culinary tourism routes, and food-related events. The aim of the guide, therefore, is to produce the most objective assessment of the taste and quality characteristics of the products participating.

Held in the fall of 2021, the voting for the best Russian producers reflects the independent opinion of experts. The final results were drawn only from the personal sympathies and professional views of the jury members, who tested the domestic product brands. It means that sales volumes, advertising costs, company profits, and other financial indicators had no impact whatsoever.

Vegetables produced by ECO-Culture are environmentally friendly and widely consumed in the domestic market. Fresh, healthy, and tasty, these tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce could not leave professional gourmets indifferent. The expert panel praised the gustatory and qualitative characteristics of the holding’s products and ranked the company among the best ones in the industry.

Alexander Rudakov, the President of the agricultural holding, made a comment on this event. He admitted that entering the top 50 Best Tastes of Russia is a great achievement for the company. The fact that the demanding jury was impressed by its products confirms the efficiency and appropriateness of the 11-year activities of ECO-Culture. The holding’s greenhouse complexes produce environmentally friendly vegetables with systematic attention paid to the taste, organoleptic, and aesthetic qualities of the products. Notably, the branded packaging says “Eco with Love”, which is indeed true. The company once again receiving expert recognition is important not only for consumers but also for the thousands of its employees.

From Kaliningrad and Murmansk to Novosibirsk and Nefteyugansk, ECO-Culture’s vegetables can be found in all major retail chains in Russia. Besides, these are also supplied to the Republic of Belarus. The company’s plans, meanwhile, imply further expansion into new distribution markets.

The agricultural holding incorporates greenhouse complexes located in the Stavropol Krai, as well as in Leningrad, Lipetsk, Tula, and Voronezh Oblasts. The next step is to launch new greenhouse facilities. The company operates a long-term and large-scale investment program aimed at increasing the production volumes and capacities of Russian greenhouse facilities. In 2021 alone, the total investment in the construction of new objects amounted to 27 billion rubles.

Among other things, ECO-Culture’s activity has a strong social component. It creates jobs and infrastructure in the regions of presence, not to mention that all the company’s enterprises become major taxpayers.

For more information about the 50 Best Tastes of Russia guide, as well as a full list of experts, please check out the project website.