ECO-Culture holding receives the “Best Enterprise of the Year” award at the Prodexpo exhibition

A recent article published in the Agrobiznes magazine was dedicated to the results of the Prodexpo exhibition. In particular, ECO-Culture company was awarded an honorary prize as “Best Enterprise 2022”, with Delisher tomato variety receiving a gold medal in the “Best Product” contest.

The annual international food exhibition “Prodexpo 2022” took place in the capital from February 7 to 11. The largest food industry event in the Russian Federation and Eastern Europe, it gave an opportunity for more than 2,000 companies from 54 countries to present their products in Expocentre halls. The Russian food market was represented by 1503 companies, including regional representatives from 46 subjects of the Russian Federation.

ECO-Culture, the country’s major agricultural holding, presented its products at the Stavropol Krai display. The company produces eco-friendly vegetables cultivated indoors without the use of growth stimulants or chemical protection agents. During one of the competitions held as a part of the exhibition, the holding won a prize as the “Best Enterprise of the Year”. Meanwhile, Delisher tomatoes, grown exclusively by ECO-Culture in Russia, received the highest score from the competent jury and were awarded the gold model in the “Best Product” category.

Delisher is a greenhouse cherry tomato variety with high sugar content and excellent organoleptic characteristics. Combined with the delicate, juicy flesh, their exceptional flavor makes them a perfect ingredient not only for green salads and main courses but also as a standalone snack or dessert. These bite-sized tomatoes are a delight for both children and grown-ups.

Together with other premium tomatoes, this variety is part of the Exclusive product line produced by ECO-Culture. No other companies offer similar products, with the holding having the exclusive rights to grow hybrids developed by leading European breeders. Delisher variety is distributed to retail chains under the commercial name “Plumini” and represents an excellent choice for gourmands and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

Zhanna Yeronina, the Head of ECO-Culture’s Marketing Department, notes that the agricultural holding is honored to once again receive high praise for its products at the international exhibition. After all, it is the company’s primary goal to ensure the population is provided with tasty, healthy, and affordable vegetables. Each award, therefore, serves as a clear confirmation of the effectiveness of the course chosen many years ago for the development of modern greenhouse production. At the same time, the holding’s activities contribute significantly to the implementation of the country’s Food Security Doctrine and the import substitution program. Largely thanks to the greenhouse enterprises and ECO-Culture in particular, the share of foreign vegetables in the Russian market has significantly decreased. Russian products, meanwhile, in many respects outperform imported ones by taste and nutritional content.

Zhanna Yeronina also sincerely thanked the holding’s business partners and customers for their choice of Russian eco-friendly products.

Today, ECO-Culture’s vegetables are available in more than 60 retail chains all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk. Besides, the products have gained recognition and popularity abroad, especially in the Republic of Belarus. The company’s immediate plans include the further increase in production and expansion of sales markets, especially taking into account new agreements concluded at the exhibition.