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ECO-Culture holding takes part in a webinar dedicated to the packaging of vegetable products

On June 30, 2020, a webinar on ” The peculiarities of packaging and labeling for fruit and vegetable products” was held. The organizer of the online event was the Russian information portal, FruitNews, which provides the latest news of the Russian and foreign fruit and vegetable market. The online seminar was attended by representatives of leading Russian producers of fruits and vegetables. The topics of the participants’ presentations were functions and types of packaging, its importance for the sale of goods, as well as the direction in which the packaging segment is now being developed. Eco-Culture holding was represented by two participants at once – the Head of Marketing Department Zhanna Yeronina and the Deputy Director for Quality Timur Gerasimov.

In her speech, Zhanna Yeronina expressed the opinion that the packaging of vegetable products is one of the main tools to motivate the buyer. With the competition in the market constantly growing, producers face a difficult challenge of attracting the consumer’s attention and creating a recognizable image of the product and trust in the product.

The presentation entitled “Stages of choosing packaging solutions and practical results” clearly demonstrated the principles of the approach to packaging applied by the company. The process starts with competitors’ analysis – advantages, disadvantages, color schemes are evaluated. After that, they consider the main factors affecting the choice of material for packaging – physical characteristics of the product, prepackaging peculiarities, delivery distance, and price.

The presentation made by Timur Gerasimov was titled “Traceability of fruit and vegetable products”. The main concern is the ability of the consumer to trace the path the vegetables take from the place of cultivation and harvesting to the shop shelf. This helps the customer to assess the freshness and environmental friendliness of the product. In ECO-culture company, the identification process is based on several parameters – the region of harvest, the region of delivery, date of harvest, as well as the vegetables’ maturity level. Labeling of goods is carried out in strict compliance with GOST standards and technical requirements of the Customs Union. The information label should be retained until the product is sold and not prevent the buyer from examining the vegetables. In ECO-Culture agricultural holding, labeling is also a tool for communication with the consumer. On the label, they place contact information for the consumers to make inquiries about the quality of the goods and other matters relating to them.

Watch the whole webinar on YouTube channel by following the link.