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ECO-Culture holding takes part in AgroTech conference

All-Russian conference “AgroTech: smart technologies in agriculture” took place on October 5 and this year was held in the online format. The event represents an influential forum for business development, production, information security, strategy, and IT directors of the country’s largest agricultural companies. Mainly focused on the introduction, application, and development of intelligent digital technologies in the sector, the conference aims to optimize business processes, reduce losses while improving productivity and overall efficiency of enterprises.

One of the speakers invited to the authoritative forum was Dmitry Belykh, the Head of ECO-Culture’s IT department. In his report on “Building a unified information ecosystem”, he presented a case study from his experience of working at the agricultural company.

Dmitry Belykh shared his expertise in designing, developing, creating, and putting into practice a unique IT system. He then spoke about the plans for its further modernization and development. The report also covered the prospects for implementing innovative robotic and automation technologies in modern indoor vegetable production.

When creating the unified IT system for the holding, it was important to keep in mind that the company’s enterprises operate in different regions of the country such as Stavropol Krai, as well as Lipetsk, Tula, Voronezh, and Leningrad Oblasts. Apart from greenhouse complexes, ECO-Culture’s facilities include distribution centers, laboratories, and other objects. It was necessary to take into account all these structural elements for the information ecosystem of the holding to be organized properly.

To fulfill this task, a unified internal computer network was established along with the implementation of the company’s own 1C system developed specifically for holding-type enterprises. Such processes as managerial, financial and operational accounting, financial and personnel management have been optimized and combined into a single digital structure. Today, the holding’s IT department plays an active part in solving the problem of production process digitalization and robotization. Another crucial task is to fully automate the monitoring and controlling of greenhouse complexes.

The audience responded to the report very well, with speakers and listeners exchanging their opinions on the topics and asking their questions to the speaker. The forum also touched on other areas of development in the field of smart digital technology in agriculture. Among those were forecasting climate-related situations, the use of computer vision and neural networks, transportation security, etc. Besides that, the conference participants also discussed the issues of interaction between Russian agro-industry representatives regarding the widespread introduction of innovative IT technologies.

To read the reports and topics of the conference, please visit the event’s official website.