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ECO-Culture holding takes part in the Career Day at Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy

On April 7, representatives of “Podmoskovje” greenhouse complex, one of ECO-Culture holding’s subsidiaries, took part in the annual event titled “Career Day in Temiryazevka”.

The Moscow Agricultural Academy holds a Career Fair every year, but this was the first time the event was held in two formats simultaneously. There was a face-to-face session on the campus and a remote one on Facultetus online career platform. The purpose of Career Day was to introduce students to their potential employers, working conditions, and career prospects at the country’s leading agricultural enterprises. The Academy was visited by delegates from more than 60 Russian companies, the leaders of the domestic agricultural industry. The students were invited to have an internship or traineeship to get a chance of finding a job in their field of study in the future.

“Podmoskovje” greenhouse complex was represented by Tatiana Baukova (the Head of Human Resources Department) and Ekaterina Kolesova (the Head of Personnel Training and Development).

The whole event lasted for two days, with the first one being dedicated to companies operating in such fields as agronomy, biotechnology, ecology, nature management, production technology, and agricultural products processing. On the second day, the job vacancies were presented by the enterprises dealing mostly with energy, engineering, and construction. Over 800 students expressed their will to meet with the companies’ representatives.

ECO-Culture’s stand displayed its products for the visitors to taste, which aroused lively interest among the participants of the event. After all, it is always a good idea to check how words correlate with deeds. In our case, the participants could see for themselves that the information about the tasty and healthy vegetables grown in the greenhouses of the agricultural holding fully corresponds to reality.

Besides that, everyone could take the online agronomy test offered by the company. Actually, more than 60 students took advantage of this opportunity, all of them ending up with memorable prizes with ECO-Culture’s brand logo. A total of 32 people filled out the internship forms for being joining the holding’s candidate pool. After that, the potential employees could ask any questions to ECO-Culture’s representatives about the company’s activities.

The students were mostly interested in internships and the actual work at “Podmoskovje” complex. However, there were also those who expressed a desire to work at “Tulsky”, “Solnechny Dar” and other greenhouse facilities. The applicants wanted to know if young specialists were provided with accommodation or compensation for rent, what career development the company offered, and how competitive the pay was. All in all, the students seemed to show a high interest in finding a job after graduation.

According to Tatiana Baukova, ECO-Culture holding is now actively involved in the targeted training program and is willing to provide contracts to both applicants and students. This program serves as some sort of guarantee for the participants to be employed once they finish their studies. In addition, senior students can sign up for summer internships and paid traineeships in the Moscow Oblast. It is here where the new greenhouse complex is expected to be launched. This one is being developed according to the most innovative technologies of the modern greenhouse industry. It is a unique opportunity for students to gain work experience at the leading domestic indoor vegetable production enterprise. After all, a successful internship almost always means a one hundred percent guarantee of future employment.