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ECO-Culture invests 14 billion rubles in berry growing

ECO-Culture holding is intending to invest 14 billion rubles in the construction of a modern greenhouse complex for berry production in Kabardino-Balkaria. This agreement was reached by the President of the company Alexander Rudakov and the head of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Kazbek Kokoyev at a bilateral meeting held on October 10.

The parties discussed cooperation with regard to implementing projects aimed at the indoor production of environmentally clean crops within the region. In particular, the parties considered the possibility of building the country’s largest berry growing greenhouse complex in Kabardino-Balkaria. The issue is to be further addressed in the nearest future.

According to the official report made by the company, the preparations for the launch of the project, which is expected to be the largest one in recent years, will begin this year. Meanwhile, Agro-Investor, TASS, and other news agencies of the country have already published the news on the subject.

The agricultural production facility will be quite large, covering an area of 100 hectares. The greenhouses, equipped with advanced machinery, will allow all year round growing of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. These are considered the most popular berry cultures in Russia. The complex launch is scheduled to take place in 2022.

According to Alexander Rudakov, the President of the holding, the currently available berry market capacity in Russia does not meet the requirements of the population or food industry. Most of the berries are grown outdoors by small farms, which leads to unstable supplies and unpredictable product quality. At the same time, deliveries to stores and markets tend to be of seasonal nature.

This is the first project of ECO-Culture dedicated exclusively to berry production. Currently, the holding produces tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce in greenhouse conditions. The President of the agricultural holding explained that the company’s experience in vegetable production can be successfully extrapolated for berry growing. This will give the company the opportunity to produce the most delicious strawberries and raspberries in the country with excellent organoleptic qualities and high vitamin content.

It is reported that the approximate berry production will amount to 5000 tons per year, with a ratio of each of the four crops being approximately equal. The berries will be supplied to all regions of the Russian Federation in fresh form only, regardless of the season. Thus, the needs of the population in healthy food products will be satisfied without freezing or heat-treatment.

It wasn’t by chance that the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic was chosen for the project implementation. The choice was determined by such factors as favorable geographical location, average annual temperature and daylight hour indicators. All these are considered the most favorable conditions for the operation of film-type greenhouses. The complex will be constructed in the foothill area with significant differences in day and night temperatures. Such fluctuations are known to provide the plants with natural stress, which leads to an increased accumulation of sugars during maturation.