Holding news

ECO-Culture representatives hold a meeting with the students of StSAU

An unusual lecture was held on April 13 in Stavropol, in the auditorium of the local agrarian university. Here, at the Department of Agrobiology and Land Resources, a meeting was held between the students and ECO-Culture holding representatives. The open session was attended by 1st-3rd year students majoring in Agronomy, Horticulture, and Plant Protection.

The main purpose of the event was for the potential graduates to get interested in finding a job at the leading agrarian enterprise of the country and to prepare the ground for future successful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Currently, the Russian agroindustry is in dire need of young professionals, while what young students need is confidence in their future. With this in mind, the lecturers tried to assure the attendees that domestic agriculture has excellent prospects for further development.

A lecture entitled “Getting to know ECO-Culture holding. Production of Organic Vegetables in Greenhouses” was opened with a speech by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Alexander Yesaulko.

The further presentations were made by:

  • Julia Shkamratova (Moscow) – the Deputy Director for Training and Development of the HR Department;
  • Sabina Gurbaz – the Chief Agronomist and Agrochemist (“Solnechny Dar” greenhouse complex, Solnechnodolsk);
  • Elena Polousova – the Human Resources Manager (Solnechny Dar” greenhouse complex, Solnechnodolsk);
  • Tatiana Kolmychenko– the Staff Training Officer (Solnechny Dar” greenhouse complex, Solnechnodolsk).

After talking about the holding’s activities and their own work, the specialists invited the students to take an internship in the greenhouse complexes to explore the prospects for future employment.

Over 10 years of operation, the company has increased its performance by a factor of hundreds. Not only that, but it has also helped to establish standards for growing ecologically clean products indoors, which were unprecedented for Russia. These days, ECO-Culture’s products are known all over the country, with four greenhouse complexes successfully operating in Stavropol Krai alone.

The agricultural holding has long-standing and strong ties with the agrarian university. Many of StGAU’s graduates are already working for the company. In fact, it is willing to hire people even without any work experience. The internships offered by the greenhouse complexes are all paid ones. Useful skills, exclusive insights, and monetary remuneration represent a great incentive to further career development at any of ECO-Culture’s facilities.

Julia Shkamratova believes that an opportunity to put the knowledge received at the university into practice under the guidance of real professionals in the field is a great asset for the future. All the graduates are offered stable and interesting jobs in a company that not only permits career advancement but actually encourages it. As the holding keeps expanding its presence steadily, who knows, maybe in ten years one of today’s students will be in charge of a team or a unit. More than that, it could be an entire department within a new structural subdivision of the holding. After all, our country is yet far from being fully provided with tasty and healthy vegetables. For the next few decades, the greenhouses, laboratories, and research centers of ECO-Culture should be able to provide enough work for everybody.