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Eco-culture will build new greenhouses in Stavropol Krai

APH ECO-Culture is planning to launch a new greenhouse complex nearby Nevinnomyssk with a capacity of 34,000 tons of tomatoes per year. The investments will make 12.7 billion rubles. The project will become one of the largest greenhouse complexes in the Southern Russia. The total area of the greenhouses will be 60.7 hectares. The number of new jobs created – 917.

The construction will be completed in three phases in 2019-2022. Preparatory ground work is already scheduled for this summer. It is planned to finish the first phase in 2021, and the second and third one – in 2022.

Right now the area of the holding’s industrial greenhouses in Stavropol Krai is 198.8 hectares. The main crop is tomato which share makes 74% of the total amount, while cucumbers and lettuce makes up the remainder. The capacity grows 20-40% every year.

The company is investing 20% of its own resources and 80% of leverage in the project. Right now it is looking for the partner bank that will be able to provide a loan. The estimated payback period is 11.4 years.

The new greenhouse complex with a computerized microclimate control system and high-tech equipment will be built in Kochubeyevsky district near Nevinnomyssk. The holding produces environment-friendly vegetables grown using no chemical growth promoters.

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