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ECO-Culture wins gold at Russian Greenhouse exhibition

The XIX Russian Greenhouse exhibition, organized by the Russian Greenhouse Association and supported by the State Duma Committee on Agricultural Issues, the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and the Russian Agro-Industrial Union, was held at VDNKh on June 1-3, 2022.

The annual industry event has become the most large-scale over the past few years, with an attendance of over 2,500 representatives of the greenhouse business. The total number of companies demonstrating their products amounted to 95. The exhibition traditionally serves as a demonstration platform for achievements, experience exchange, and business networking among greenhouse enterprises, investors, as well as retail industry representatives.

ECO-Culture holding is not only a regular exhibitor but also a repeated nominee in various categories. This time, the highest award went to “Nebula” tomato variety grown in Ovoschi Chernozemya greenhouse complex (Lipetsk Oblast).

As rich as the exhibition program is, the professional community and a wide range of visitors pay special attention to the contests during which the competent jury evaluates the products presented by the participants. The leaders are to be selected based on a variety of parameters. This way, only competitive products that surpass their analogs in a number of indicators, but first and foremost – in terms of their taste qualities, have a chance to win the competition.

The gold medal in the competition program “High Quality of Indoor-Grown Products: Fresh Vegetables” was awarded to ECO-Culture’s “Nebula” tomato. The premium hybrid with a dense skin and sweet flesh features an ideal balance of acids and sugars (7.5-8.5 units on the Brix scale). The uniqueness of the first generation hybrid “Nebula” is its “crunchy” organoleptic structure and unusual aftertaste with tropical fruit notes.

But not only the taste has become a success factor, as the agricultural holding’s products have a number of other advantages. In fact, the most important feature of all vegetables grown in the company’s greenhouses is eco-friendliness. Anna Suvorova, the Head of ECO-Culture’s Sales Department, says that the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce implies the use of environmentally clean soil, biological methods of crop protection, and strict control of water composition for plant irrigation. Hybrids are subject to careful multi-factor selection and analysis, with taste characteristics remaining the main criterion.

Anna further explains that a gold medal at such a large-scale exhibition is another confirmation of the excellent result of the coordinated efforts of thousands of agricultural holding’s employees. Excellent quality of the tomatoes supplied to store shelves all year round was recognized not only by the authoritative committee but by the customers as well. Constantly growing sales figures serve as quite convincing proof of the popularity and high quality of the agricultural company’s products.

ECO-Culture holding is one of the largest indoor vegetable producers and investors. Apart from that, it is a leading employer in each of its regions of presence. Today, the geography of the company covers Stavropol, Voronezh, Leningrad, Lipetsk, Moscow, and Tula Oblasts. ECO-Culture operates greenhouse facilities equipped with the most up-to-date technology, as well as its own distribution centers, where products are sorted, packaged, and prepared for transportation to retailers.

The company’s contribution to the implementation of the Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation and the import substitution program is remarkable. Every day, it supplies organic vegetables to the shelves of tens of thousands of retail stores across the country. Right now, ECO-Culture’s partnering network covers more than 70 federal and regional retail chains.