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ECO-Culture wins the New HR-Practices 2021 Professional Recognition Award

The New HR Practices 2021 Professional Recognition Award finalized the results at an offline and online conference held in Moscow. Notably, ECO-Culture holding ranked among the leaders of the voting, while also becoming the winner of the highly reputable contest. The event was attended by major domestic and international companies. The human resource management professional community highly evaluated the company’s innovative HR-related solutions, such as the piece-rate bonus system of remuneration implemented at the holding’s production facilities.

ECO-Culture enterprise is a large-scale production association to unite greenhouse complexes and distribution centers located in different regions of the country. Right now, the company employs over 7,000 people in total, which makes it quite a challenging and complex task to ensure their efficiency and commitment. One of the key problems here was the implementation of the piece-rate bonus remuneration system, which was created and further elaborated by the specialists of the HR and IT departments in close collaboration with the other units of the holding.

Elena Filonenko, the Head of the HR Department, and Ekaterina Fedotova, the Head of the Compensation and Benefits Department, were to present this project at the conference. The speakers emphasized the effectiveness of the company’s remuneration system based on the piece-rate bonus principle. The main advantage of the program is its ability to increase labor productivity without sacrificing quality while positively influencing the level of employees’ commitment to results. Apart from that, it also increases the level of staff engagement and enhances the holding’s corporate culture.

During the presentation, ECO-Culture representatives touched upon the following questions:

  • Is there any way to effectively implement a unified remuneration system in all production divisions of the company to solve a range of production and business tasks in the context of intensive growth of greenhouse facilities?
  • How to motivate line personnel and promote employees’ responsibility for the final result?
  • What are the prospects for the innovative remuneration system to manage productivity and improve product quality in the future?

Elena Filonenko believes that the introduction of the unified remuneration system provides employees with a clear and understandable additional motivation to improve their performance and production capacity. In other words, it brings benefits to both the employee and the employer. Meanwhile, the development and implementation of the system was a long and step-by-step process, which, aside from the HR Department, involved some other company divisions as well.

All in all, the project comprised five phases:

  1. Updating flow charts and time measuring procedures. Development of performance standards for vegetable growers as the most widely employed occupation in greenhouse complexes. Specialists carried out 3,000 time measurements for over 200 different activities.
  2. Pilot phase – awareness campaign for personnel involved in the project and administration training.
  3. The system implementation, adjustment, and further expansion to all greenhouse complexes of the holding with account of product range and regional particularities.
  4. Creation of operational recording, data reliability control, and performance analysis systems.
  5. Development stage – the system automation, further modernization, and modernization in accordance with the objectives scheduled.

Implementation of the project was another professional achievement of ECO-Culture as a flagship of the domestic greenhouse industry. The piece-rate remuneration system brings production to a new level, improves thinking and behavior of the personnel, and forms a sense of responsibility both for their work and the company’s overall business performance.

Naturally, the experience of the agricultural holding was highly appreciated by the professional community and ranked among the best HR practices of the year 2021.