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ECO-Culture’s cucumbers win a gold medal of the AGRORUS-2021 exhibition

The 30th anniversary International agricultural exhibition AGRORUS was held on September 1-4 in St. Petersburg. AGRORUS is the largest exhibition platform in the country where Russian regions annually demonstrate their achievements in the field of agriculture. The Meva hybrid cucumbers grown at “Krugly God” greenhouse complex (Leningrad Oblast) received the Gold Medal, the highest award of the event. This achievement has once again emphasized the high quality of ECO-Culture’s products and the value of environmentally friendly vegetables for the diet of Russian people.

It is the 30th time the exhibition of achievements of the agro-industrial complex has been held in Russia. Since 1991, this event, the largest in its scale and status, brings together producers of food, animal formulas, equipment, and machinery, as well as representatives of Russia’s largest agricultural enterprises and private farms. In fact, it is one of the few long-living exhibitions in modern Russia. Every year participants have a chance to present their products, new forms of agroindustrial complex management, exchange their experience, discuss problems and perspectives of the industry development. Together with the exhibition, a fair takes place, at which ready-made products are offered for purchase. Every year the venue is visited by at least 50 thousand citizens and guests of the city. This time, the fair was held in the new city’s exhibition center “Expoforum” designed for large-scale events, including those of international level.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the Government of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Among many things, the exposition serves as an ideal platform to demonstrate how the State Program of Agroindustrial Sector Development is being implemented. The exhibition is focused on ensuring food security of the country and is aimed to stimulate Russian producers that supply their products to the domestic market.

As part of the exhibition, the Ministry of Agriculture holds an annual “Gold Medal” contest. In the category “For achieving high results in improving the quality of food products”, ECO-Culture agricultural holding received the highest award. In particular, the “gold” was given to Meva, a hybrid of medium-fruited cucumbers. The experts evaluated the vegetable products according to the following criteria: organoleptic properties, physical and chemical properties, microbiological composition, as well as packaging and labeling. According to all these characteristics, Eco-Culture’s cucumbers turned out to be beyond competition.

The “winning” cucumbers were grown in “Krugly God” greenhouse facility located near the town of Pikalyovo in Leningrad Oblast. Like all the agricultural holding’s greenhouses, it grows environmentally friendly products without resorting to chemicals. This implies the use of biological methods to protect plants and stimulate fruiting. The complex represents a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility controlled by a centralized computer system. With all important indicators automatically regulated, it provides the plants with optimal microclimatic conditions.

Today, “Krugly God” complex has several varieties of cucumbers cultivated, as well as tomatoes and lettuce. The product line of the greenhouse facility takes into account the needs and preferences of different groups of the population. The complex supplies fresh produce to supermarkets and catering facilities not only in Leningrad and Moscow Oblasts, also in other regions, providing the market with more than 6,000 tons of vegetables a year.

According to Zhanna Yeronina, the Head of Marketing at Eco-Culture, the quality issue has always been of paramount importance for the company. The employees do everything to make the holding’s vegetables the best in every aspect – they are the tastiest, the healthiest, the most aesthetically pleasing, and the most environmentally friendly at the same time. The gold medal earned by Meva hybrid clearly confirms that the company is putting its efforts in the right direction.