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ECO-Culture’s frillice won a medal at the international exhibition

Once again, the products of ECO-Culture agroholding surpass competitors in terms of both quality and health benefits. This time, the highest award was given to the lettuce of Frillice variety grown in Kruglyi God (“All Year Round”) greenhouse complex (Leningrad Oblast, Pikalevo).

The crop received a gold medal at the country’s largest autumn exhibition World Food Moscow, among other world-class food products presented. The award once again proves that the demand for the company’s vegetables is not only a result of professional marketing but also a proof of the impeccable quality of the company’s products.

The World Food Moscow exhibition was held September 22-25 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre. It is the main meeting place for leaders of the food industry in our country. The event was attended by over 300 companies. Among those, there were the largest domestic producers of food products and retailers. The purpose of the exhibition was to sum up the results of the year and the development of the industry. In the course of local events, the participants shared their experience, established business contacts, and concluded new contracts for the supply of goods to retail chains.

The most important part of the exhibition program was the professional degustation contest, “Product of the Year”. Among the experts were representatives of food and processing companies, employees of industry institutes and research centers, whose goal was to select the best products in different categories from those presented. All indicators were assessed: taste, appearance, organoleptic and physicochemical properties, composition, as well as microbiological parameters.

The Frillice lettuce showed the best results in the category of fruit and vegetable products for all the above-listed criteria, therefore it was awarded the gold medal by World Food.

The Head of Marketing Department of “CO-Culture” Zhanna Yeronina, who visited the exhibition as a member of the company’s delegation, noted that the highest award was a significant event for the entire agricultural holding. The medal proves that modern greenhouse products not only can have an aesthetic look and a memorable taste, but also make people healthier.

We see the mission of our company, Yeronina emphasized, in providing the population of our country with affordable yet healthy and delicious vegetables. The fact that our products are recognized by world-class experts is another step towards the achievement of this goal.

Background Information. Green Frillice lettuce is distinguished from other varieties by its crisp, juicy leaves and rich, slightly sweet flavor that perfectly complements meat and vegetables in various dishes. The crop is notable for its high content of vitamins and healthy nutrients. Besides, thanks to its attractive look, it is often used as a separate element of the serving. In ECO-Culture’s greenhouses, Frillice is grown without the use of growth stimulants or chemical fertilizers.