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ECO-Culture’s tomato tastings

ECO-Culture’s facilities became a venue for a tasting session of tomatoes as part of variety trials. This regular practice serves the purpose of expanding and updating the product range based on the current market situation. Right now, the company’s portfolio features a wide range of varieties and hybrids, including exclusive ones grown in Russia by ECO-Culture exclusively. The initiative represents one of the holding’s key advantages to ensure its leading position in greenhouse vegetable production.

The tasting session at the management company was opened by Dmitry Muger, the Vice-President for Production and Development at ECO-Culture. He emphasized the importance of the event and gave an overview of the evaluation procedure for the 90 samples submitted for testing. Among them were round medium-fruited tomatoes, beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum and cocktail varieties in all colors and shapes. Apart from that, sweet mini peppers of different colors were tasted, now being under trials at one of the greenhouse complexes.

The event incorporated an expert evaluation of the samples submitted. Following the tasting, the participants filled out a standard questionnaire for each of the products. This gave a better understanding of the vegetables’ taste and texture, organoleptic properties, along with aesthetic features.

Zhanna Eronina, the Head of Marketing Department at ECO-Culture, explained that the tasting sessions are a part of comprehensive efforts to select the most interesting samples. The company’s ultimate goal is to expand the product line and surprise and delight its customers with new exciting experiences.

The high quality of ECO-Culture’s tomatoes has been confirmed by international certificates, awards, and prizes, as well as stable consumer demand. Of course, some varieties stand out as particularly popular among consumers. These include the F1 Belido hybrid marketed under the Red Desire trade name and the Delisher (Plumini) cherry variety from the Exclusive product line.

It is also worth mentioning that all the company’s vegetables are grown without the use of any chemical fertility stimulants or protective agents. Not only does that bring an excellent taste, but also makes them suitable as a healthy food for adults and children.