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Greenhouse tomato Belido F1 gets the highest grade at the “Horticulture of Russia” exhibition

APH “ECO-Culture” continues to consolidate its leading position in the agricultural market. Another evidence of that was the platinum “Quality Mark” medal it received at the XVI specialized international exhibition “Horticulture of Russia”.

The “Quality Mark of the XXI century” reward has four degrees of value. A hybrid Cherry Belido tomato received the highest grade from a competent jury.

Greenhouse tomato Belido F1 (first generation hybrid) provides excellent ovarying even in an adverse environment. The crops are characterized by accelerated growth and resistance to the main diseases running in the nightshade family. Round bright red tomatoes have a rich tomato flavor and excellent keeping quality. They don’t get cracked and are suitable for long-term transportation. High yields, accelerated maturation, and consumer properties make this crop perfect for commercial cultivation in greenhouses.

The “Quality Mark” competition is a long-term domestic project to improve Russian goods and their promotion, as well as to solve the strategic national task of replacing imported products with high-quality domestic analogs. The program includes a comprehensive examination of the products according to a number of criteria. Platinum status is granted to the winners of previous competitions only. The winner is awarded a medal, a diploma, and a unique ID in the Register of the “Quality Mark” Laureates.

The “Horticulture of Russia” exhibition is the country’s major platform for establishing contacts, concluding agreements and obtaining up-to-date information on key areas of greenhouse vegetable production development both in Russia and abroad.