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Head of the IT Department of the ECO-Culture speaks at the Smart Agro Forum

On October 8, 2019, the Smart Agro forum was held in Moscow, where representatives of the agricultural sector discussed current trends and problems of agricultural enterprises digitalization in Russia.

The event was attended by more than 200 delegations from major agricultural companies, food industry corporations, and peasant farms. Also, many experts, analysts, journalists of the industry and business media, IT and telecommunication equipment developers took part in the forum.

Notably, the report was made by Igor Gul, the head of the IT department of the ECO-Culture holding. In his speech, he focused on the cross-functionality and cross-sectoral parameters of the modern digital economy – that is, on the close cooperation of all areas of the sector at the digital level.

According to the speaker, the informatization in all spheres of our life has not just expanded the possibilities of business but has opened up almost limitless horizons for enterprises that are willing to make changes and rethink the existing business models. The integration of internal processes of the company with the processes of its financial partners, suppliers, and customers provides broad prospects for the production development and acceleration. Taking into account the fact that the agricultural industry by its complexity is comparable to the banking sector, this issue is especially relevant for large agricultural companies, such as ECO-Culture.

The major part of the speech was devoted to the analysis of specific problems of digital technologies introduction into the working process and examples of its successful implementation.

At the same time, Mr. Gul pointed out that even a well-organized business workflow system requires constant development. This means that new IT solutions should not only meet the pressing business challenges but also provide a significant leap forward for the company’s development.

Background information. The Smart Agro Federal IT Forum was supported by the Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Foundation for the Development of Digital Initiatives, the Lotas Association of the Internet of Things, Samara Agrarian University and other entities involved in the digital evolution of the economy and society. It was the first time that an event of this scale was held in our country. In the future, the forum is expected to become an annual one, with the date for the next meeting already scheduled for 2020.