Lipetsk Oblast

Ovoshi-Chernozemia LLC
36817 tons of vegetables per year 60.34 Ha 776 jobs

Leningrad oblast

Krugly-god LLC
12500 tons of vegetables per year 17.5 Ha 250 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Solnechniy-Dar LLC
34841 tons of vegetables per year 57.22 Ha 892 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Mariinsky LLC
5500 tons of vegetables per year 8.47 Ha 140 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Stavropol Ovoshchi LLC
35000 tons of vegetables per year 43.08 Ha 1050 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Eco-Culture LLC
10700 tons of vegetables per year 20.6 Ha 488 jobs

Tula oblast

Tulskiy LLC
22000 tons of vegetables per year 26.05 Ha 384 jobs


More than 200 Ha 125000 tons of vegetables per year More than 3000 employees

Press center

ECO-Culture holding will participate in Prodexpo 2020 exhibition

ECO-Culture company will be a participant in the Prodexpo annual international exhibition. The event will take place in Moscow from February 10 to 14 at the Expocentr Central Exhibition Complex, located at 14 Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment.

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MIR24 channel airs a story about the Krugly God greenhouse complex

A new episode of “PVR” programme series devoted to greenhouse vegetables has been aired on the MIR24 channel. The story is focused on the greenhouse complex in Pikalyovo (Leningrad Oblast), a part of ECO-Culture holding.

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Zhanna Yeronina tells about the trends and achievements of the past year website dedicated to coverage of the agricultural industry news published an interview with Zhanna Jeronina, the Head of Marketing Department at ECO-culture holding. She reported about the achievements of the holding for the last

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The biggest greenhouse complex in the Moscow region is being built in Voskresensk

The Russian federal news agency SM-News, covering the most important events in the economy, politics, and culture in the country and abroad, has published an article on the construction of the Podmoskoviye year-round greenhouse complex

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