Lipetsk Oblast

Ovoshi-Chernozemia LLC
36817 tons of vegetables per year 60.34 Ha 776 jobs

Leningrad oblast

Krugly-god LLC
12500 tons of vegetables per year 17.5 Ha 250 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Solnechniy-Dar LLC
34841 tons of vegetables per year 57.22 Ha 892 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Mariinsky LLC
5500 tons of vegetables per year 8.47 Ha 140 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Stavropol Ovoshchi LLC
35000 tons of vegetables per year 43.08 Ha 1050 jobs

Stavropol Krai

Eco-Culture LLC
10700 tons of vegetables per year 20.6 Ha 488 jobs

Tula oblast

Tulskiy LLC
22000 tons of vegetables per year 26.05 Ha 384 jobs


More than 230 Ha 157300 tons of vegetables per year More than 4000 employees

Press center


Dear veterans, participants of the Great Patriotic War, heroic workers on the home front, and everyone who survived the years of war, having withstood the terrible challenges our country faced in those harsh years. On

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Alexander Rudakov says, “The pandemic has not changed our plans”

An interview with Alexander Rudakov, the President of ECO-Culture Company, was published on the website of the “Ekspert Yug” business magazine. The head of the largest agricultural holding in the country told about the launch

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Russian vegetables going for export

The latest issue of the “Kommersant” newspaper features an article entitled “Vegetables Crossing Borders” dedicated to the current state of the greenhouse industry in Russia and the prospects for producers to recover from the crisis.

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The governor of Lipetsk oblast visited “Ovoschi Chernozemya” greenhouse complex and checked the sanitary safety at the enterprise

The Governor of Lipetsk Oblast Igor Artamonov paid a working visit to the largest greenhouse complex in the Oblast located near the village of Bochinovka and incorporated into ECO-Culture agricultural holding. The complex’s executive Mikhail

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