Industrial park in Solnechnodolsk – yields and results

The weekly newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty” published an article devoted to the development of the industrial park in Solnechnodolsk, where Solnechnyi Dar greenhouse complex is now successfully operating.

The greenhouses belong to APH ECO-Culture and constitute innovative facilities with a system of intellectual lighting and centralized computer control. The complex is not yet launched at full capacity, but it has already grown 17,000 tons of environmentally friendly tomatoes and cucumbers.

As the authors of the publication point out, the construction of the greenhouses has boosted the economic development for the entire village. During its very first year of operation, the agricultural holding has transferred about 25 million rubles to the regional budget and helped to restore the damaged building of the district children’s clinic. When the project is launched at full capacity, its productivity will amount to 75,000 tons of vegetables a year. Meanwhile, about 1.5 thousand new jobs will be created therefore promoting the prosperity of the locality.

In his interview with the authors, Alexander Rudakov, the president of the holding, explained why the company chose Stavropol Krai for the construction. The first reason is suitable climatic conditions – the natural light flow here is much more intensive, so the costs for heating and lighting will be lower. Secondly, the region is also one of the most favorable investment areas for the agricultural sector in the country. Local authorities are interested in the economic development of the region and are willing to help entrepreneurs solve many vital issues related to water supply, electricity, territory, and human resources.

The head of ECO-Culture also noted that Solnechnyi Dar greenhouse complex receives certain preferences provided for residents of industrial parks. These include tax benefits, information support, interaction with ministries and agencies. All this contributes to the growth and development of the enterprise.

Background information. The industrial park in Solnechnodolsk is one of 13 similar facilities in the region. These parks were created as part of the state program for the economic development of the regions.

Read the full text of the article in AiF No.37.