Krugly God (2d line)

Krugly God (2d line)

Produced products

2875 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

5.38 Ha


96 jobs



Krugly God greenhouse complex located in Pikalyovo monotown of Leningrad Oblast is already producing tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. There are plans to increase the area in the near future by building the second line of greenhouse facilities. The agricultural holding’s main intention is to satisfy the increased consumer demand for newly favorite vegetable crops and to start supplying products to neighboring regions.

The second phase of the construction is scheduled for completion by 2022. The greenhouse facilities will be equipped with the latest electronic equipment to guarantee optimal microclimate and perfect conditions for proper plant growth and development.

The main principle of all greenhouse complexes of the ECO-Culture company is eco-friendliness of production. Only the biological methods are used in greenhouses to protect plants from pests and to stimulate the fruit-bearing process. Thanks to this, it is possible to grow delicious, healthy, and nutritious vegetables regardless of both seasonal and climatic outdoor conditions.

Once launched, the total area of the complex will be about 23 hectares.

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