Solnechniy-Dar (3-4th lines)

Solnechniy-Dar (3-4th lines)

Produced products

43909 tons of vegetables per year

Project area

63.9 Ha


930 jobs



Solnechniy-Dar greenhouse complex is state-of-the-art multifunctional facility equipped with advanced agricultural equipment. Currently, the first and the second lines of year-round greenhouses have been launched.

Launch of the 3d and the 4th line is scheduled for 2020-2021 years. After commissioning of all greenhouses of the complex, their total area will be more than 120 hectares; annual product volume will reach 78750 tons of vegetables. Number of jobs after full launch of all facilities will be 1822.

Due to computerized control system, greenhouses of our holding have the most favorable conditions to grow eco-friendly and safe agricultural products. Project scale will allow to provide the population of both Stavropol krai and adjacent regions with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers year-round.

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