Larisa Yerina ranks among the TOP-8 female executives of the wealthiest companies in Tula Oblast

The “Tulskaya Pressa” news portal issued a new rating of the most successful women in Tula Oblast. The piece is timed to International Women’s Day and features a list of female CEOs achieving outstanding financial performance for their organizations in 2019. The data were provided by Rosstat and open statistical resource. The rating was based on the net revenue of the companies in the period from January to December 2019.

Larisa Yerina, the Director for Sales of ECO-Culture holding, the Head of “ECO-Culture Trade” LLC, takes the third position on the top list. According to the news portal, the company’s revenue has reached 10,282,400,000 rubles. Its main activity is the wholesale trade of vegetable products grown in the Tulsky greenhouse complex and other greenhouses of the agricultural holding. The company’s production scale amounts to hundreds of thousands of tons of vegetables each year. When it comes to selling tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, this should be done not only for profit but also in a timely manner, given the extremely limited shelf life of such products.

To complement the rating, the article features a direct speech made by Larisa Yerina. The Director answered reporters’ questions about her management style and peculiarities of working in greenhouse production, as well as her own personal experience in this field.

According to the Head of “ECO-culture Trade” LLC, the qualities that enabled her to run the largest sales department in the country have been developed since her very childhood. Never afraid of difficulties and accountability, Larisa always worked hard, while studying and playing sports in her spare time. Her willingness to always come to the rescue and to show the right way to work by her own example helped her to take the lead in any organization.

Larisa Yerina also said that the Sales Department Manager is used to work long hours: starting early in the morning, she has to be on call until 11 p.m. The thing about this business (as well as any other) is that there is no such thing as a minor detail. The Director must know and understand all stages of the production process – from planting a seed in the ground to placing the packed products on the store shelves. The main thing here is to be in complete control of the whole process, taking into account all possible risks and force majeure, constantly monitoring the market situation, and being prepared for any possible changes.

For Larisa Yerina, the road to success is a story of never-ending overcoming. The most important thing one has to remember during this journey is to believe in oneself, not to be afraid of difficulties, not to stagnate in one place, and of course, never stop moving forward. It is also essential to constantly set ambitious goals, determine challenging deadlines for their achievement, and raise the personal bar over and over again.

When it comes to coping with stress, the Director of “ECO-Culture Trade” has her own way of dealing with it. Larisa Yerina believes that the best way to overcome difficulties is to live your life thinking and acting like a child – with pleasure and curiosity. This way, you don’t see stressful situations as an oppressive factor but rather as a challenging yet interesting task. Sports and family support also help a lot with the emotional strain. Add this to the hardened character and experience gained over the years, all of which helps one to accept problems calmly and find better ways of solving them effectively.

For the full text of the article, please visit the “Tulskaya Pressa” official website.