Press portal publishes an interview with the CEO of Tulsky GC Igor Pochechuyev

The Tula City Portal, the leading news resource of the city and the region, has published an article on the work of the Tula greenhouse complex as part of ECO-Culture agricultural holding. The CEO of the enterprise Igor Pochechuyev answered the journalists’ questions.

The interview is preceded by a short story about the history of the greenhouse. The holding’s executives chose the Tula Oblast because of the favorable investment climate in the region. The construction was started in 2018 near the village of Rudny, Shchekinsky district. A 160-ha land area was allocated for the project. In addition to the complex, it was decided to build an in-house distribution and logistics center to reduce packaging and transportation costs. The total investment in the project amounted to 24 billion rubles.

The CEO spoke about the construction of the complex, as well as the process of resolving communication, water supply, and electrification issues. According to Igor Pochechuyev, the construction had to be done from scratch in an open field. The administration of the Tula Oblast has provided the necessary support and assistance.

The Head of the complex thoroughly explained to journalists what equipment is used in the greenhouses. The automated climate control system deserves special attention. The system creates perfect conditions for growing crops. The central computer monitors humidity, illumination, temperature, carbon dioxide content, and the amount of fertilizer being applied.

According to the CEO, the company is planning to produce 14,000 tons of tomatoes in the first greenhouse cycle. Once the second stage of construction is commissioned, the area of the complex will increase by another 26 hectares, with the yield increasing by 18,000 tons of tomatoes and 2,000 tons of cucumbers. After the completion of all the stages, the complex will occupy 76 ha, which is a real town under a glass roof. Moreover, the total amount of vegetables produced will reach 62,445 tons per year.

Igor Pochechuyev also told the portal in details about the eco-friendly production – the use of biological methods of plant protection, pollination of flowering tomatoes with the help of specially grown bumblebees, and strict testing of the end product for mineral content. Inside the complex, the most favorable environment for growth and development of crops is created and maintained, which has a positive impact on the harvest taste and healthiness.

To conclude the conversation, the CEO of Tulsky greenhouse complex complained about the fact that the retail chain stores do not always observe the proper conditions for storing tomatoes. The temperature below +8 reduces the flavor of vegetables, which is why tomatoes bought in a supermarket should never be kept in the refrigerator.

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