Natur Produkt online magazine publishes an article about ECO-Culture

An article dedicated entirely to the ECO-Culture agricultural holding and its products was published in the Russian Internet magazine on healthy and ecological nutrition, Natur Produkt. The authors visited the company’s facility located in the town of Pikalyovo, Leningrad Oblast. Further in the article, they describe the specifics of growing greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, and salads in the Russian Federation and the reasons for the vegetables produced by ECO-culture to be better than imported ones.

Pikalyovo enterprise has impressed the journalists with its scale – high-ceilinged and spacious next-generation greenhouses seem unusual for Russia. Meanwhile, only the first phase of the greenhouse complex is now in operation – a serious expansion of production is scheduled for the next few years. Greenhouses have already created 250 new jobs for the local residents, and soon they will be about twice as many. This is a huge help for the single-industry town of Pikalyovo, which is currently going through far from its best times.

The complex provides fresh vegetables not only to the local community but to the entire Leningrad Oblast, as well as to Moscow and the Moscow Oblast.

Sergey Kornev, the Deputy CEO of the company, told the journalists how greenhouse production is organized and what technologies are used here.

The first thing that was mentioned by Kornev was the automation of the main production processes: irrigation, lighting, and heat supply. The main parameters for plants are monitored and controlled by the central computer using sensors: the system calculates how much water, light, and heat is required by the crops.

Maximum attention is paid to the protection against pests and diseases. Preventive measures are taken as early as the seed stage, by injecting the Gliogen biological medication into the organic cotton substrate cube together with the planting material. This allows for the fungal mycelium to form a symbiosis with the plant’s root system and protect it against the most dangerous tomato diseases. In addition, the crops are also treated with a universal “old-fashioned” remedy – natural milk. This provides the best protection against powdery dew. As for insects, their natural enemies are used – predatory bugs bred in special insectariums. The pollination of plants is done by other natural helpers – bumblebees.

Further in the article, the ECO-Culture employees told about the formulas they use to feed tomatoes, cucumbers, and salads and what kind of products they receive at the end. Let us reveal the secret – those are tasty, eco-friendly, and healthy vegetables that surpass foreign analogs by all parameters.

The full article is available on Natur Produkt’s website.