New jobs in Lipetsk Oblast

The regional news program “Lipetskoye Vremya” featured a story dedicated to the greenhouse complex “Ovoschi Chernozemya”. The facility is incorporated into ECO-Culture holding and is located in the south of the Lipetsk Oblast. Under the conditions of the pandemic and the beginning of the economic crisis, the company is ready to provide all possible assistance to the region in terms of creating jobs for the population.

The host said that according to the governor, the economic damage to the region caused by COVID-19 is expected to be about 10 billion rubles. In such a situation, it is important not only to preserve the existing jobs but also to create new ones. The greenhouse complex owned by ECO-Culture holding is one of the few investment projects in the region, which, despite the difficult economic situation, continues to operate on a regular basis. Right now, the construction of the 3rd stage of the greenhouse complex is being completed in Usman. Also, a new distribution center has been put into operation, with more than 1000 vacancies being opened. The company is hiring various types of employees, including those with no specialization, and not only from Usman district but from other parts of the region as well.

Alexander Rudakov, the President of the agricultural holding, described the situation with the human resources and explained the perspectives of the greenhouse enterprise employees. According to the head of the largest agricultural company in the country, it is ready to ensure the transportation of employees to their places of work from the nearby territory (which is in 100 km radius) by its own vehicles. The employees will not only be transported to work, but also to their homes after the working day is over. By the time of the program being shot (April 21, 2020), the agricultural holding had 1050 vacancies opened in various directions.

However, the vacancies provided by the company are not only attractive due to their availability. According to Alexander Rudakov, the average salary of the company employees amounts to 40,000 rubles, which is more than a good figure for Lipetsk Oblast. At the enterprise, sanitary and hygienic requirements are strictly observed, with an increased level of safety maintained in greenhouses. All of the above allows completely excluding any epidemiological risk.

Besides, the general contractor, which is building the 3rd stage of the complex, is now also in need of workforce – about 300 people are required there. Thus, ECO-Culture and its construction partner are willing to provide the residents of Lipetsk Oblast with 1350 new jobs with legal employment and “on the books” salary.

For a full story, please see “Lipetskoye Vremya” newscast of April 21, 2020.