News from Tula – local greenhouse complex is being developed at a record pace

Vesti Tula channel broadcasted a video report on the achievements of Tulsky greenhouse complex, which is part of ECO-Culture agricultural holding. A small yet informative presentation tells about the growth rate of the company and its near future, as well as the products grown in the greenhouse.

In the beginning, the host voiced the complex’s current performance rates – 26 hectares of area and 22,000 tons of yield annually. In the past, local agrarians could only dream about such a scale and harvest, while today it has become a reality.

A review of the achievements made by the Tulsky complex began with a demonstration of tremendous tomato plantations, where strong and juicy vegetables are grown without the use of growth stimulants or chemicals.

The Agronomist for Crop Protection at Tulsky GC Anastasia Lyubimova said that right now 6 varieties of tomatoes are being grown in greenhouses, among which are the consumers’ favorites such as Kumato, Tatami, Merlis, and Ardiles.

Not only the assortment is expanding but also the area of the greenhouses – in the next 1-2 years, the second and third stages of the greenhouse complex are expected to be launched. Besides solving the problem of food supply, the agricultural holding also addresses the employment issue. Once being put into operation, the largest investment project of the region declared war on unemployment and has been victoriously fighting it so far. Today, the company employs more than 380 people – very soon, after the launch of the second stage, new jobs will be created.

No special education is required to be hired by Tulsky complex as a vegetable grower – all you need is a desire to work and a responsible attitude towards the job. It is not even necessary to live in the immediate vicinity of the greenhouse (the complex is located in Shchekinsky District) – you can use the prompt transportation service for employees available for many settlements in Tula Oblast.

Igor Pochechuyev, the CEO of Tulsky complex, spoke about the career prospects of the employees: vegetable growers may later become foremen, and foremen may become agronomists (given that they undergo appropriate training). People with a proactive approach and a strong enthusiasm for their job will always find use of their talents within the company. Regardless of their position, all employees are provided with a stable salary (above the regional average), social benefits, and an opportunity to work in “never-ending summer” the whole year round.