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Ours are better and cheaper! Russian vegetables will force import out of the market through the development of greenhouse farming

The food embargo, sanctions, and other economic reasons led to upsurge in imported vegetables costs, in particular, of Turkish tomatoes, and to gradual reduction of the share of foreign agricultural products market share in Russia.

Since the population’s need for fresh vegetables has not gone anywhere, domestic producers have came to the rescue. Thanks to the construction of modern high-performance greenhouse complexes in the Southern and Central regions of the country and use of innovative agricultural technologies, Russian farmers are now able to grow high-quality tomatoes, even cheaper than those imported.

Annual Neo-Center statistics showed that for the first time in years wholesale prices for Russian tomatoes are 9 rubles lower than for imported ones, average. This is in sharp contrast to the situation just a few years ago, and there is a number of reasons for such changes in the market. The main one is government support to farmers and development of greenhouse farming in Russia. Last year, 25% more vegetables were harvested than a year before, and the trend continues to prevail.

The quality does not lag behind, too: Russian products by APH Eco-Culture are grown without using any growth stimulators or chemical techniques for plant protection. The company uses biological and completely safe practices for increasing crop yields only.

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