Ovoschi Chernozemya complex evaluates the results of joining the “Labor Productivity” national project

The central television’s Channel 1 program “Good Morning” broadcast a story about the “Proizvoditelnost Truda” (Labor Productivity) project. The results of the novelties were evaluated in practice by Ovoschi Chernozemya greenhouse complex. The enterprise is part of ECO-Culture, mainly engaged in tomato farming in Lipetsk Oblast.

The region’s largest indoor tomato producer joined the project on March 15, 2021. Since then, optimization is being carried out in several areas of the facility’s activities at once – increasing harvest productivity, tomato sorting and packaging, and logistics.

The program shows the tangible improvements that have taken place at the agricultural enterprises participating in the program after the Federal Competence Center got involved in the process.

The project is aimed not only at adjusting work processes but also at training specialists. First, the experts closely observe the work of a particular enterprise, then they draw up an ambitious plan to increase labor productivity. One way to do this is to reduce the time from the moment the vegetables ripen to their shipment to the consumer. Each stage of the process matters – harvesting, packing, packaging, delivery to the warehouse.

There are no small things in the production chain – whenever there is an opportunity to make work easier and more convenient, such innovations must necessarily be introduced. Even the positioning of equipment plays an important role in reducing the time required for the production cycle to run. Another way to optimize it is to introduce new production units into the chain. For example, at one plant, the vegetable pickers used to be responsible for palletizing boxes. Now it’s done by handymen, which increases the efficiency of the process by 20-30 per cent, while reducing labor costs as well.

In addition to Ovoschi Chernozemya, there were other complexes of the holding to join the federal program to improve labor productivity in 2021. These include Krugly God, located in Leningrad Oblast, and enterprises in Stavropol Krai, namely Solnechny Dar, Mariinsky, Ovoschi Stavropolya, and Eco-Kultura. The purpose of participation in the project is to put into practice the principles of lean production, eliminate time losses, at the same time making the work of personnel more efficient and safer. It is expected to increase labor productivity by at least 5 percent a year.

Right now, a total of 2,700 industrial enterprises participate in the national project, with the number of applications from companies willing to join the program having already reached 4,000.

The project was initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and is aimed at the development of successful entrepreneurship in the country. The long-term goal is to ensure the country’s GDP exceeds the global average provided that the economic situation is stable. To solve the tasks offered by the program, comprehensive methods are used – assistance in creating an effective production system, training of managers and employees, tax incentives for project participants, and the lowering of administrative barriers.