“Ovoschi Chernozemya” greenhouse complex makes a present to Usman sports school

The Vesti Lipetsk TV channel aired a story about the “Ovoschi Chernozemya” greenhouse complex. The enterprise, being a part of the ECO-Culture holding, is mainly focused on indoor tomato cultivation in the Lipetsk Oblast.

The news piece tells about the present made by the complex to the Usman District Sports School – young students received a new wrestling mat for their lessons. The martial arts center had long been looking for new equipment. The new mat is going to make the training more comfortable and reduce the risk of injuries and trauma. The philanthropic gesture was already acknowledged at the federal level.

The reporters have interviewed the school athletes, the freestyle wrestling coach, as well as Mikhail Veretennikov, the CEO of the “Ovoschi Chernozemya” complex. The head of the largest greenhouse facility in the Central Federal District noted that it’s important that our people develop, prosper, and live in a comfortable environment. This concerns not only metropolitan areas but also small towns and rural areas in Russia. That’s the reason the company supports the residents of Usman District and Usman in particular.

The company’s activity has not gone unnoticed by the regional authorities. Vladimir Mazo, the head of Usman District of Lipetsk Oblast handed the general director a letter of gratitude signed by the president of the Russian Federation. He also was awarded a commemorative medal for his selfless contribution and participation in the “My Vmeste” (We are Together) campaign. The reward is intended to honor those individuals involved in charitable activities aimed at supporting the needy population during the pandemic. In fact, this was not the first time the entrepreneur had helped the community. Since the very beginning of imposing restrictive measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has repeatedly donated medical equipment and protective uniforms for personnel of medical institutions and provided transportation to local hospitals. The charitable efforts remain part of the enterprise’s ongoing activities.

In the conditions of the pandemic, the “Ovoschi Chernozemya” complex has not stopped working for a single day. The only action taken was to strengthen sanitary measures at the enterprise. Today, the company employs over 2,000 members of the local community.

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